which boots are genuine and which are not

Uggs boots originally originated in Australia and are manufactured from quality sheepskin. While they are easy to spot, the real concern is how to identify which boots are genuine and which are not. Online stores are flooded with fake pairs of uggs and it is very tough to get a genuine pair of uggs boots. Many unauthorized companies manufacture fake uggs from pigskin or cowhide. The fake products may harm your skin. Therefore, utmost precaution should be taken when purchasing this particular brand name of footwear.

Real uggs are manufactured with double-faced Merino sheepskin, which is supposed to provide relief and comfort to your feet. Double faced Merino sheepskin is one of the softest, strongest and most long-lasting types of sheepskins. The wool obtained from the Merino sheep is very thick and has awesome padding and cushion qualities. The wool is made into leather, and the outer part of the uggs is covered with fleece, while the inner part with plain skin. Consequently, it is also an expensive material to use in boots.

Double faced Merino sheepskin is a single layer leather skin that is thermostatic in nature to keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Rubber is used in making the soles of the uggs boots with prominent stitching on the outside of the boot. The feet remain dry and at body temperature as fleece keeps the moisture away. There are many varieties of uggs available in the market to suit your style and demand. Various colors include pink, fuchsia, blue and chestnut with both slip on and covered varieties. The height of the shoe may vary from just above the ankle to over the knee. However, lower priced fake products are dominating the market and are in great demand. But how can you identify which ones are real? How can you verify that real sheepskin was used in manufacturing the boots that you are about to purchase?

Unauthorized distributors of uggs design the boots from single layered sheepskin, pigskin or cowhide. The skin side of single-faced sheepskin may have a remarkably large number of marks and usually also uneven dye. This type of sheepskin is mostly used as a liner. However, it is used simultaneously with cheap leather such as cowhide or pigskin to manufacture low quality uggs boots. One can easily recognize the pigskin used in fake uggs boots by looking closer at the low quality boots. Pigskin has tiny holes on the surface of the boots that confirm that the boots are not real. more at http ://www.uggscheapestboots.us


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